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NEXUS Group is an international high-technology group that hold 6 companies.

Aimed to deliver excellence to consolidate our positions and drive growth, based on a strategy of standing out through innovation.

Vision : to become a world-class material handling equipment enterprise.

Values : integrity, accountability, enterprising.

Mission : to promote future logistics progress with innovation and technology.


In lifting and handling equipment, automatic crane system, robot crane system, nuclear manipulators  and manufacturing process technology.


In different niche market fields such as  clean room, semi conductors, pharmaceutical, nuclear, automotive, shipyard and general steel plate manufacturing industry.

Our Main Technologies

★ VULCAN Cranes is a worldwide class hoists and cranes manufacturer. A large range of equipment is available to meet the customer lifting equipment requirements for different industries with high technology supply. 

► Over the years, VULCAN Cranes has become is dedicated to design and to build innovative lifting and crane solutions for use in cleanrooms.  We focus to serve our customers with a high safety level, compactness at higher workloads, less contamination and more precise handling of loads. Our range for clean room are : crane systems, gantry cranes, jib cranes, lifting and handling solutions.

★ VESTA Hoists products is range of electric wire rope hoists and crane components such as end carriages, electrical crane cubicle, electrical line, bus bar, electronic monitoring, control systems, light crane systems and crane accessories.

► VESTA Hoists supply crane components for a wide variety of industries for nearly limitless applications. The VESTA Hoists range help you to solve your lifting equipment needs with standard range and a tailored made solutions for a wide range of complex requirements.

★ CASHH Robotix operates in the nuclear field, with the study, design and manufacture of instruments and equipment used in the nuclear industry, mainly involved with remote manipulation.

► CASHH Robotix provides its know-how in the nuclear market by supplying accessory equipment for master/slave remote manipulators and heavy-duty remote manipulators, or for any other concept requiring very intricate studies and design work. The main applications are for hot-cells structure maintenance, nuclear waste storage maintenance and  manipulation of irradiated substances

★  TOI (Dongwo Wulian) is a high-tech company that turn to Industry 4.0. Its core area is intelligent air logistics system, heavy-duty robot system.

►   The company has a strong R & D strength, according to customer needs to tailor the relevant intelligent solutions; At the same time the company in the implementation of specific projects will also reflect its outstanding operational capacity.

►   After the project delivery, the company can carry out secondary development according to the needs of users, and constantly improve.

★  With the increasing requirements of customers for electronic products, the market puts forward higher and higher requirements for semiconductor manufacturing process. Semiconductor manufacturing plants require faster, more efficient and more stable transporation and storage system.

►  Ichi can provide you a comprehensive solution designed to help you improve the efficiency of your manufacturing process through our expertise in automated storage and transportation systems, commonly known as AMHS.

 ►  We can provide customers with a complete set of solutions from system design , manufacturing  installation and  after-sales technical support.